The music communicates
and the instruments tell the story.

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Markus Meisterhofer

As a descendant of the Schubert family, it was never a question of whether I would start dealing with music or not. At the age of 3 my father gave me my first piano. It was one of those toy pianos with a range of an octave and a half , which, as you can imagine, soon became insufficient. The following musical years led me to  the Schubert Boys' Choir Vienna® …
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Rade P.

I really like his score, it's diferent from the first - in caracter and in form, this one is dynamic on a diferent way, but still optimistic and in  a familiar music language, which is very important, i would say.
So, if he will decide to record or play his music, I hope will be able to conduct it.

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